I'm sorry. I've been absent again, just after another good spree of posting. March was filled with double shifts of school and work and although I had a list of things to post I never did get around to it. I am currently editing photos for the next round of posts- some from home (various blood orange endeavors) and some from school (cookie and cake rotations, plus a ride in the rotary oven).

I re-read the last year of this blog (it's a year old now-- can anyone believe that? I sure can't) and I noticed that the biggest struggle (aside from posting consistently) has been finding a voice in which to post. Do i become the female version of the grocery guy (vulgar, brash, cocky) or remain nice and sweet and approachable? How much wit, how much sarcasm, how much profanity? How much description, how much advice? Do I use my speaking voice, my academic voice, a new voice? I still haven't figured it out, and the year of posts jumped around all over the place as I tried different things. A rough read, to be sure. I wouldn't show this to anyone as evidence of my writing abilities. I hope that in the next year, I will maintain the blog and find some consistency.

In other news, I am now fully in the restaurant world, working at cafe vios in ravenna as a server and about to begin an internship at an italian restaurant in maple leaf, where I will learn how to work with fresh pastas from various flours (the one subject my pastry program skirts entirely) along with desserts. I am excited for the kitchen experience and glad to continue working while on this hiatus from school. I hope to intern/stage at more places as my budget and contacts allow. It's a whole new world out there, and at the moment i'm relishing my places both in front and in back of the house.

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