life of a pastry student

This is the pastry case at the entrance to SCCC where we hawk our wares. Usually two students man the case and others deliver their items whenever they're ready. Smart customers know to come after 1:30, when the breads start arriving. Stuff is cheap- about half the cost of store-bought goods. The coffee stand to the left has some of the most terrible espresso I've ever tasted. Ever. This is sad, because it's often the only coffee available and we get to school really, really early.

This is Student Lunch. Don't know what's in the tray? Neither does the lackey serving you! Oh, the horror and the mystery. An actual conversation:

Me: "This chicken tastes funny."
Student in lunchroom: "That's not chicken."
Me "??!?"
Student: "It's rabbit."

Also, once, a classmate of mine walked into the lunchroom with what the server said was tilapia, a kind of fish. As it turns out, it was thin slices of pork.

It should be noted that none of this stops anyone from eating.

Mixer porn: egg whites in the 20-quart mixer

This is what several pounds of butter looks like:

Second gear:


Chef James (front) and Chef Don (back).

During the bakeshop party, my classmates (and I) piled into the soon-to-be-demolished rotary oven (this is angela):

This is a cake's-eye-view:

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savagejoss said...

That coffee is the reason I always found the time to go to Peet's or do without.