pastry school: now, with meats!

These are just some assorted photos from the day I joined the second quarter students for meat production. Even though it was 8:30am, they were making bacon and duck confit and CARVING UP WILBUR and I just couldn't resist. I chose the program at Central over South in part because I would get to do these things- for a pastry program, it's very broad.

This is wilbur, carved open. Half of him was entirely delicious, but the other half wasn't done--the classroom wasn't dry enough. I can't wait to have a real charcuterie-hanging space after the remodel!

Duck confit-- 7lbs of duck fat poured over 8 duck thighs/legs and cooked sloooowly. When it was finished, it went into flaky pastries with some dried cherries. One of the best things I ever ate at school.

This spiced duck hung in the classroom for a while, but I have no clue what his fate was.

Sausages hanging in the classroom. Sad I didn't get to taste them.

I didn't get any pictures of the bacon because it was in the oven and then it was in the walk-in fridge, and neither location had great light for photos. Alas.

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